• How does Go4livecam work?

    That's very easy! Get your share of the Amateur market by simply signing up as a webmaster and earn money generated by real Amateurs performing Live Shows or streaming replay videos. Once your application has been verified your account will be activated within 24-48 hours. You will then receive an E-mail containing your unique Referral ID. This Referral ID you can use to send traffic to Go4livecam. As soon as a surfer hits our site using your Referral ID, the ID is hard-coded into the navigation menu to assure correct tracking, regardless if the surfer signs up as a viewer, model or webmaster. You will receive your share of the money generated on the system by the persons you sponsored using your Referral ID.

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  • Commission and promotional tools:

    (1) Sponsored Viewer: 25% of what the viewer spends anywhere on the system (Live Shows and Replay Videos)

    (2) Sponsored Model: 5% of the model's commission; for each model you introduced to Go4livecam.com using your Referral ID

    (3) Sponsored Webmaster: 10% of the commission; for each webmaster you introduced to Go4livecam.com using your Referral ID

    Using your unique Referral ID you have 4 different ways to immediately start sending traffic:

    * directly to the signup page:

    * or to the enter page:

    * or to who is online page:

    * or to individual models:

    You have to replace the part "YOUR_REF_ID" with the Referral ID that has been sent to you with your welcome E-mail. The part "MODELNAME" has to be replaced with a registered model name on Go4livecam. To find out which model names are currently registered on the system, click on "Model Bios" in the navigation menu.

    All forms of legitimate marketing are allowed. Of course, spam is absolutely prohibited (see Terms and Conditions)! Link to Go4livecam.com from your own website using your Referral ID with banners provided here or be creative with text links. We offer a great variety of banners in different sizes and shapes.

    You are allowed to use any model pictures found on the pages of Go4livecam.com for promoting Go4livecam ONLY.

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  • How do I get paid?

    We pay out bi-weekly. The minimum payout is $50. Once you have reached $50, the commissions are paid out via check or paypal. Please note: A 10% reserve fee is held for 6 months. The minimum payout of $50 includes the 10% reserve fee. Therefore, for an automatic payout, the total commissions in your account have to be atleast $56.

    Payrun is on the 1st and 16th of each month. Checks are processed within 10 business days thereafter.

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  • Where can I see how much I have earned?

    As a registered webmaster you have access to an overview of your current sales stats.

    To check your stats or modify your account information log in with your nickname and password. In your user settings please select "SALES STATS". There you will see your current balance, which includes approved transactions for the current pay period. Also you can see a counter showing hits to our site containing your Referral ID, the amount of signups (viewer, models, webmasters are counted) and the signup ratio. Go4livecam stats are updated in real time. As soon as a credit card charge has been successfully processed the commission is instantly credited into your account.

    Account Management Details:

    - Expenses: Your webmaster account can be used as a viewer account at the same time. If you use your webmaster account to enter any video chats on Go4livecam.com, those charges will appear in "Expenses".

    - unauthorized amount: These charges have not been processed by our authorized sales agents yet. Once this amount could be processed it will be listed under "Payout". The open amounts will be listed in your account details for 90 days.

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  • How can I reach the Go4livecam Support?

    Please complete the Helpdesk Form.

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